I provide online audio and music services. Projects I have worked on include films, online content and radio commercials . I love working with directors, agencies, artists and independent clients to help to elevate and enhance their projects with music and sound.  Get in touch to discuss your project, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

“Xana created a stunning soundtrack for the show. A particularly strong element of
Xana’s work is her ability to take direction, both from myself (author, performer)
and from the director. She exhibited a high degree of sensitivity to our process,
and created a work of subtlety that not only supported our work and met our
needs, but far exceeded them. Her sound design actually became one of the
strongest elements of the performance. I appreciated her risk taking, and giving
us something that was unlike anything we had heard before, but was intuitively
right.” – Peter Van de Merwe, Playwright, Peformer (‘In the Arms of a Lion’, Melbourne and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals)


G’day Camaleers

Tasks: Composition, mixing, voice over


Red Kite

Tasks: Composition

Xana · Red Kite Sample

Man with a Movie Camera excerpt (Audio Redesign)

Tasks: Sound design, Sound foley, Composition, Mixing

Online content

Samsung Heartwise Instructional Video

Tasks: Voice over, mixing

Xana on SoundBetter