Learn singing, guitar or music production with Xana in South Brisbane. Read student testimonials 


I offer singing lessons for children and adults. I bring to my teaching twenty years of performing professionally as well as education in voice pedagogy and science from the Qld Conservatorium of Music. Please CONTACT ME to arrange your first lesson.


My guitar program provides all the skills you need to become a confident and well rounded intermediate level guitarist and musician. All while learning the songs you love! CONTACT ME to arrange your first lesson or FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK to see updates from my Studio.


People can find the world of music production slightly intimidating when they’re first starting out. What do all those buttons do? Where do I start?!

I teach in a way that makes learning Music production fun, easy and tailored to your goals. My production students find they are usually making music within their first week of lessons. You don’t need formal musical training to learn music production with me. See what my Production students get up to

*Software platforms used include Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Reaper and Garageband

If you are interested in learning about music production and recording, please CONTACT ME. We can talk about what you want to learn, how I can help you to meet your goals and our mutual availability.

FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK to see updates from my Studio.


The initial lesson is 30 minutes duration and is $40. After this I offer term or monthly lesson packages.

Monthly bookings



$80/ hour

Term bookings



$77/ hour